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Phosphate application

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Phosphate application

In 2021, Baidu Baike updated its latest articles on the use of phosphate.

Phosphates are commonly used in detergents as water softeners, but are regulated in some areas because algal boom and bust cycles affect the release of phosphates in the watershed.

In agriculture, phosphate is one of the three main nutrients for plants and is a major component of fertilizers.

Phosphate is mined from layers of phosphorus in sedimentary rock.

Previously, it was mined and used without processing, but now the unprocessed phosphate is used only for organic farming.

In general, it is chemically processed into lime superphosphate, heavy calcium superphosphate or ammonium dihydrogen phosphate, which are higher in concentration than phosphate and more soluble in water, so plants can absorb faster.

Fertilizer grades generally have three numbers: the first refers to the amount of nitrogen, the second refers to the amount of phosphate, and the third refers to the amount of alkali.

So a 10-10-10 fertilizer would have 10% of each ingredient, and the rest would be filler.

Phosphate runoff from overfertilized agricultural land can be the cause of eutrophication, red tide and subsequent hypoxia.

It's like a phosphate cleaner that can cause anoxia in fish and other aquatic organisms.

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